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  • FMesh  v.0.1.0FMesh is a simply scientific data visualization tool based on OpenGL. FMesh can generate 2D and 3D graph of contour and color maps for any (x,y,z) scattered data set, many other options are ...
  • Forerunner X01 Toolkit  v.1.10ForeRunner X01 toolkit provides an easy access to Forerunner 201/301/305/305E GPS-units. There are multiple command line tools to read data from GPS into database and tools to export data in different formats like gpx and ...
  • JDStream Reader Client Library  v.0.6Java Library used to connect and read data from a DStream server. Primarily for the Dark Ages of Camelot game.Users of this library can bind actions to certain events. The event is triggered when certain packets are recieved from the ...
  • MonoGluceosis  v.1.1Diabetes management software written for mono/.net. The software is written with a plug-in architecture. Input Plugins read data from different devices/files, and Analize plugins create a pdf report of that ...
  • PhpMyDebug  v.0.5.0Small PHP library to view (1) all the executed MYSQL queries and their result (read data, affected rows, errors and their reason) and (2) all received GET and POST variables. This library makes it very fast to find why queries did not work as ...
  • Fmstream  v.2012.10.10fmstream provides an interface to read data from memory-mapped files as input/output streams. File mapping is the association of a file's contents with a portion of the virtual address space of a process. The system creates a file mapping ...
  • Slumber  v.1.0Slumber is an extremely light-weight and easy-to-use Object-relational mapper. It simply maps data from a JDBC result set into an object structure defined by java annotations.
  • Simple-ETL  v.1.0Simple-ETL is a web based ETL development environment. The developed ETL will parse/read data from source and call DB Stored procedures, passing the data read from file as parameters. Stored procedures will control Transformation, Validation and Storage.
  • DSPSR: Digital Pulsar Signal Processing  v.1.0DSPSR is a high-performance, object-oriented, digital signal processing library for radio pulsar astronomy. It implements an extensive range of algorithms and features, and can read data from most observatories, instruments, and file formats.
  • LIB-VTK-IO  v.1.0LIB_VTK_IO is a Fortran library to write and read write and read data conforming the VTK standard, Visualization Toolkit from Kiteware, both binary and ascii.
  • Frtplot  v.1.0Frtplot is a program for plotting your numeric data (such as output from simulations, or sensors) in real time. It can read data of a configured (text) format from the standard input, and display all changes immediately.
  • OMR Reader  v.1.0OMR Reader is an application to read data from scanned images of OMR sheets. You can first create a template for a particular form and save it as a .omr file. For different forms, you can have different .omr files. These files can later be used for ...
  • PDXplorer  v.2.0PDXplorer will create, edit and read data files conforming to the IPC standards for product data exchange (PDX).
  • Read Text Files Aloud Software  v.7.0This software offers a solution to users who want to have a text file read aloud. The user simply chooses the required file, sets the volume level and speech rate, using the sliders.
  • #Simply Accounting Password Recovery  v.3.0Simply Accounting recovers users and admin passwords from Simply Accounting Data files.
  • Pen Drive Data Salvage Software  v. drive data rescue utility recovers music, pictures, photo video, digital image, files and directory from your USB removable storage media. Recovery software provides data recovery for Excel, MS Word, XLS, MDB, JPG, GIF, BMP, MP3, DAT files.
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